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Thank you to everyone who helped make our Salsa party at Eastbourne Town Hall such a success!! Merry Christmas to you all!


28th February 2007

Well, quite a bit's been happening at Dance Fusion Salsa over the last few weeks. On 13th February we had our ‘Red’ Party Night with Moe Flex who took a fantastic (big!) Rueda class with TWO circles. Congratulations to all of you, particularly those beginners who had just finished our six week course who managed to keep up with the moves and Spanish names! We'll be having more ‘special’ nights in the future so watch this space.

Moe and his lovely partner Angelique gave a demo later in the evening. Sorry to those of you who had trouble seeing during the line up. I think we'll have to rotate front to back a bit more.

Thanks to all who came and made the evening so enjoyable and also for giving Moe and Angelique such a warm welcome

A few times since Christmas we've been at the Albany (Lions) Hotel who accommodate us when we’re unable to be at The Cumberland. As you may know the Cumberland offer dance holidays to throughout the year (mainly Ballroom and Latin) Groups book the hotel for the week and need access to the Ballroom (our room!) throughout the period. That's why we occasionally use the Albany. See Diary for next few months of dates.

Many of you who have been dancing for a while are aware there are many opportunities to dance salsa (which as you know can be highly addictive!) throughout the week and across venues throughout the south east. We often travel to Tunbridge Wells, Bexhill, Brighton and also welcome dancers from other clubs who often come to dance. Every week we have dancers from Bexhill and Hastings, Ringmer, Heathfield, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and even further afield. At the moment we have a group of Canadian students who are staying and studying nearby. Welcome!

On that note we often have a great mix of nationalites from around the globe dancing at our club. Last night (27th Feb) we had 2 Russians, 3 Venezuelans, 5 Canadians, and at least one each from Columbia, Cuba, Holland, France and Spain.

Some of you may have noticed that we had some visitors last night from The new Paul O Grady Show. They were interviewing and filming for some upcoming shows. More to follow!

31st March 2007

It was great to see so many familiar faces at the Alex Wilson Concert in Brighton last Saturday (24th March) There were classes in a number of styles (LA, Cuban etc) before the concert and the band (as usual) were great. We often play one of their 'signature' songs - 'Show me' They also played the 'Chaka Khan hit 'Ain't nobody' that some of you will be familiar with.We were slightly dissapointed that the evening finished at 10.30pm as most salsa evenings like this tend to go way after midnight. Congratulations to those of you who ventured onto a strange dance floor for the very first time. It wasn't so bad now was it?!

Some of you may remember the 2005 UK Salsa Congress when Alex Wilson was playing on the Sunday night. There was a (slighly older) colourfully dressed woman dancing enthusiastically right at the edge of the crowd just in front of the stage. It turned out to be the mother of the keyboard player who was invited onto stage and danced the rest of the set (to much acclaim and applause) It was her first trip outside of Cuba.

Isn't it nice to see the lighter evenings! The days seem so much longer and it makes it much easier going out dancing in the evening (even though we all love it when we do!) It also makes it much more pleasant for those who come over on a Tuesday and Thursday from Hastings, Brighton and even furher afield.

As you are all aware we occasionally use the Albany (Lions) Hotel just along the seafront. This is usually because the Cumberland have to make the Ballroom available to their 'dance holiday' guests who stay with them all week. In April we are at the Albany on Tuesday 10th and 17th as the Cumberland are laying a beautiful new dance floor! We're back there on the 24th.

1st October 2007
Thank you to all those people who sent flowers, cards and best wishes whilst I was recuperating after my foot surgery. My thanks also go to Julian who continued the classes in my absence with the help of Kelly, Mary, Lynn and Cavin. Trudy and Dave did a great job with the Ballroom classes ..thank you!! I am now back teaching at the classes on each of the evenings and thoroughly enjoying it. What a relief to dance again!!
I'm sure you'll all agree what a great night we had with Pavel when he taught last week the Reggaeton and Conga, that was fun!! We've taken some great photos which we'll put on the site fairly soon. Best wishes to him and Patricia who are getting married in Cuba later this month. We will miss Pavel as he stays in Cuba for the next few months. Let's keep Patricia dancing while she waits for him to return!

Our next party night is on 11th December at the Cumberland so we want you guys to dress up smart for us girls and we will in turn be sparkly, glam and ready to spin on that dance floor.

January 2008
Hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed your New Year celebrations!!
It'll be great to be back dancing on Tuesday 8th January at the Albany. 2007 was a very busy year for us and we welcome all of you who are new to salsa.
We are looking forward to a great 2008 and hope to continue to make our classes fun and friendly for everyone.
Thank you to all of you who have enquired as to how Mary is.She is doing well and we are waiting for her latest results from x-rays. Kelly and her family have been doing a great job looking after her. She is very chirpy at the moment. For those of you who are unaware, Mary fell backwards down her stairs 6 weeks ago and broke many bones in her back. She was very poorly. If you would like to contact her please ring me or ask me for her number.
My foot has now fully recovered so I'm looking forward to dancing a lot more...please ask me to dance with you!!
See you all very soon.

10th February 2008
Thank you to all of you who supported the dance in Newick. We had over 100 dancers at the evening. We raised over 500 for Sam(my nephew) who will be travelling to Madagascar in the Summer on a working holiday to help the community in one of the villages.
Well "Red Night" has come around again, the year goes so fast!! We are looking forward to a belly dancing demonstration by the lovely Jo, so please come along and remember to wear something red!
See you all on Tuesday!

Tuesday 16th September 2008
Thank you to all of you who came along to our first evening at the Hydro Hotel. We had great feedback which was really appreciated. The dance floor is fantastic, the air conditioning was invaluable and a real treat in comparison to our other very steamy hot evenings. We will be thinning out the chairs around the room to make a little more space to walk around the dancefloor.
This Friday we are supporting the "Pound for Joe" fund. We are running a Salsa dancing evening at the Lansdowne Hotel, on Eastbourne seafront. All proceeds from the evening will go into the Fund so please come along. There will be a beginner lesson at 8pm followed by dancing for all from about 8.30pm. PLEASE COME ALONG. Entrance price is 6. There will be a raffle along with an auction of a Tank Experience day for 2 people during the evening.
Thank you again to you all - your support makes the classes very enjoyable and a pleasure to run!!!

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